Thursday, March 1, 2012

The ex wife

Here is Paul's 2nd wife (the one that history seems to be trying to forget), Heather Mills along with their child, Beatrice signing an autograph for a fan on a softball.


  1. I haven't forgotten her...I think sveryone has their own point of view over her. Mine is that she did help Paul move on with his life after Linda's passing- being a then 17 year old, I feared Paul would commit suicide to be with Linda. Drama-city paranoia lame maybe but at the time, it did make sense! I thought he was so in love with Linda that he couldn't live without her. So I did fear for his life. Then Heather came along and Paul came to life! He started to tour and become so energetic. He has admitted that Heather helped, even in divorce court. I do credit her for that myself. Plus, Beatrice is a beautiful and looks like a very happy girl.

  2. Jeannette, that all may be true, but she's still shown signs of being pretty balmy!

  3. Marrying her was a fairly ill-judged decision (easy to see in hindsight of course...) A classic case of a man on the rebound, and a man who's totally surrounded by 'yes men' who daren't tell the king what's really going on. Same with Elvis and his over-eating and drug use, or Jackson and his propofol sleep aid. Beatle Paul is no exception. I guess it's just one of the downsides of such massive fame and fortune: you don't know what is real anymore.

  4. whatever happened in the marriage between Paul & Heather only they know the real truth but they did produce a lovely child and are both good parents

  5. My, how Beatrice has grown - I think that's actually heather signing the ball ...

    1. I guess I didn't use the correct punctuation on the sentence.