Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog reader Nick meets Julian Lennon

One of the people that read and comment on this blog is Nick, who recently emailed me a photo and story about when he met Julian Lennon around the time of either the Mr. Jordan or Help Yourself albums.   I love the paisley shirt, Nick...don't dig mullets too much (even if Macca had one as well) :)  Thanks for sharing your photo and story! 

Julian Lennon  was doing a promotional tour of radio stations and I had a few contacts at the station in Tampa, FL. Everyone knew what a Beatle nut I was so they let me in the studio with the DJ, Julian and Justin Clayton (his best mate) so that I could watch them perform a couple of songs. It's all a bit of blur really. I do remember having a long chat with Justin. I'm English and he was curious to know how I ended up in Tampa. We also talked at length about how much he loved Julian's songwriting and was very complimentary about his singing. He maintained that he had a better voice than his dad. Um, that one's up for debate.
Julian was very polite but was also shy so he didn't do a great deal of talking. Plus, I think all of the comparisons to his dad were starting to wear thin. It was tough watching people bring him Beatle albums to sign.

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