Monday, February 27, 2012

Waiting for the van to come

Here is a little story from the July 1966 issue of Beatle Book Monthly

Fans clean van

The Beatles spent odd days in EMI's St. John's Wood studios working on tracks for their new L.P. right up to the time time they left for Germany. Their equipment van, a grey Commer, had got very dirty and covered in Beatle names scrawled in lipstick, so four fans, who had been waiting patiently outside for autographs, spent an hour cleaning it down for Mal. But no sooner had they finished and departed with many thanks from the Beatles Road Manager, when a new bunch of autograph hunters arrived and started writing new slogans on it.


  1. Good old Nell's Thames van. A big step up from the battered Austin.

  2. Who owned that van, Mal?