Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet Miss Michigan 1964

I recently received an email from Marina Pombar, who was Miss Michigan 1964 and had the amazing experience of meeting the Beatles during their Detroit press conference. Several photos were taken that day (one of which Marina shared with this blog) of her with the boys. Here is what she says about that day,
It was a moment where I represented Michigan and I did not think the people would react as they did!! I was more in tune with the Motown sound. I was surprised by the jelly beans,the screams, noise, and all of a sudden taken away by the police.The police protected all of us. We were taken away in different cars.I did not get a chance to talk to them after the event.

Marina currently is a sculptress who lives in Mexico City. She still has the photo that she shared with us hanging on the wall and often looks at in in ah! To check out her artwork, please see her webpage. Thank you Marina for sharing your photograph and memories of when you met the Beatles.

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