Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lightning Strikes again for Lucky McCartney Fan

This story about meeting Paul and Linda during the 1990 North American tour comes from issue #69 of Beatlefan magazine. It was written by Reed Pitkunigis.

July 6, 1990 - RFK Stadium, Washington D.C.
A $100 per seat donation to Friends of the Earth (FOE) earned my girlfriend, Joann, and me a pair of tickets for the second Washington McCartney concert. Arriving that day around 5 p.m., we had yet to pick up our tickets; our search led to RFK Stadium's administration area. Security directed us to the Friends location, where we came across a gathering of about 100 people. Before Joann and I could say, "party, party!" we inadvertently crashed a special reception that was awaiting its guests of honor ... Paul and Linda McCartney!

Even though the reception was for $250 Friends of the Earth donors (our gifts were $100 each), the FOE representative that Joann and I met said we could stay anyway!

"The McCartney's will be here in 10 minutes." he added. Once the thrill-induced shock wore off (has it really, yet?), we maneuvered for a photo opportunity position close to the area where, according to a security guard, they would appear.

The McCartneys sauntered in, Paul dressed in a casual blue shirt, and accepted their Voice for the Planet award from Friends of the Earth. As Paul shook hands with the various FOE people, I took advantage of a quiet moment to shout, "Who's that guy in the blue shirt?!?!" Paul looked me in the eye and laughed. Having shared a comical moment with HIM, I was in heaven!

It was all over in five minutes. Paul and Linda left, but the high that Joann and I shared from being so close to them in such a private setting lasted throughout the evening's performance and long after.

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