Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jacksonville Florida

Louise Brennan poses in front of the Beatles press conference table in Jacksonville, Florida on September 11, 1964. Louise was the wife of Cyril Brennan, who was a well-known DJ in Montgomery, Alabama. The Beatles did not play in Alabama because they would not play to a segregated audience.

After the Beatles press conference, where the Fab Four were munching on potato chips, Diane Brennan, daughter of Cyril and Louise, grabbed the partially consumed shards in fear that her sister Donnie would eat them. The chips were glued into Diane’s scrap book between photos of the Beatles

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  1. The Jacksonville concert was promoted by W.J. Brennan and threats were made by the Beatles that they would not do the show unless the audience was non-segregated. The original plans were for the Beatles to play Jacksonville on the 10th of September and then play eh Crampton Bowl in Montogomery, Alabama the following day-which obviously did not happen. Howeve, the promoter did lift his segregated rule and would have lifted Alabama, but the schedule was finalized in April of 1964.