Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Girls Beat Beatles Security Guard

The Gilly has done some research at the library in Wellington (where she lives) and came across this article about some young teenagers who just walked right into the hotel where the Beatles were staying while they were in Wellington in 1964. She has been going through the micro-film and those don't scan very well, but it is a really neat bit of history!

Elaborate security precautions taken to guard the Beatles at the Hotel St George broke down last night.
Four Lower Hutt girls calmly walked past a security man guarding the Beatles’ sixth floor suite and into the arms of Ringo Starr.
Everyone except Ringo was taken by surprise. When the girls mobbed him he took control of the situation.
“Now girls, no nonsense or I’ll leave,” he shouted. The girls then quietly produced autograph books.
The excited fans, all 14-year-olds from Chilton St James School are Winkle Pettit, Christine Mantell, Wendy Allen and Annette Fairey.
“We just walked into the hotel and asked to see the manager but they wouldn’t let us,” Annette said. “A radio announcer told us the Beatles were on the sixth floor so we walked up the stairs.”
But the girls were not content with autographs in books. Ringo also autographed each of the young intruders’ arms.
“I won’t wash this for weeks,” Winkle told a laughing Ringo.
The Beatles’ surprised press officer, Mr D. Taylor, summed up the intrusion. “Well girls, if you can get past the security men, good luck to you.”

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