Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More backstage winners

Back in October, I posted a story about a fan who won a newspaper contest to meet the Beatles backstage during the Kirkcaldy concert in 1963. Here is another photo taken at the same time. Maybe there were four winners of the contest because the photo I previously posted had two girls in it and this one has 2 different girls. I like how John is passing the autograph book to Paul while still looking at the camera for the photo.


  1. What is that growth on top of that poor girl's head? Is it a tumor? Poor thing...

  2. Hi Sara
    I live in Kirkcaldy. My mum and aunt were at this concert. My mum didnt want to go as it was a sunday and she had work the next day plus she was a huge Searchers fan! My Beatles mad aunt had to nag her into going. Their Beatles adventure has entered family fokelore. Needless to say they had a fantastic unforgetable time.