Wednesday, February 15, 2012

At the race track

George Harrison at the Slick 50 Phoenix 200 Indy car race on April 10, 1994. Photo by Joel McGuire.


  1. Wow. All those years ago. I spent several days with George at the track in Phoenix. He was a guest at our Marlboro racing VIP hospitality area. Very cool, down to earth guy. Have a lot of photos and back stories if anyone is interested!?

    1. Hello Anonymous, I was also at the '94 race in Phoenix, an had the pleasure of meeting and taliking to George Harrison. I did get his autograph but no photos, could you please send me some?

  2. Hello Anonymous....this blog is all about photos and back stories of any former Beatle and I love hearing about George at the races. So yes I am interested! You can email me at