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Meeting Macca on Stage: Cincinnati 2011

The second installment of "Meeting Macca on stage" comes from Sarah Mourad who traveled from Egypt to Cincinnati, Ohio in order to see Paul in concert on her 23rd birthday. Well Sarah got more than just a Paul McCartney concert. She was able to come up on the stage during the soundcheck and give him a book she had been working on for him! What an unbelievable moment! Here is Sarah's story in her own words.

I don’t remember exact details of what had happened, unfortunately… It’s almost all a blur, like when you’re in a dream; exactly like a dream… you remember bits of pieces of what you were dreaming of, certain moments shine very brightly, but other moments –which are also as important- are totally forgotten… and most importantly, you almost can’t ‘touch’ it, even though it was real…

That’s when you’re in awe… when one’s extremely happy, and overwhelmed… they lose track of time and space, of the senses… in a good way…

I’ve dreamt of meeting Sir Paul for so long… well, dreamt of ‘seeing’ him, to tell the truth… never imagined I was going to ‘meet’ him… no matter how positively I thought, or optimistically I felt about it; I never imagined this would eventually really happen one day… Life isn’t that perfect…but apparently for one day, it decided to be so.

Sir Paul never performed in Egypt before, and I never heard a rumor of this happening… which made me think, if I want something I just had to let it be… it will take some time, energy, effort, money… but eventually, it can happen if you believe it will.

To cut it short, this year I made lots of preparations to see Paul McCartney Live somewhere; it wasn’t easy, yet I worked hard for it.. because I’ve been hoping for this, for almost 2 years. I made a vow that this year it will come true.

I was basically aiming for London or anywhere in UK since I’ve been wanting to visit it, but God obviously had other plans for me…

The day new tour dates were announced, and I found out there was going to be a concert on my birthday! It just hit me!… it struck me like lightning and I decided that whatever it takes, I’ll do this… the concert was in Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

I’ve never traveled to the US before, and I traveled just for this… I couldn’t let that chance pass…and had this inner feeling and faith that I should follow this. and I did follow my instincts. In less than 48 hours, tickets were out and I had to buy mine since I know they sell out the day they come out!… I brought my ticket, before I even knew for sure if I could travel… don’t know how I did this, but I brought front row package in presale, with all just believed God would make it happen, and that I shouldn’t worry much.

The day of the concert I was very excited and nervous, but I didn’t know what was to come for me… that it was about to be the most exciting day of my life and best birthday ever… I couldn’t imagine that I was the only one he picked to go on stage with him in sound check! And talk to him, and give him my book!

I’ve been making that book since last year. It’s a book of fan messages from all over the world. I asked fans worldwide to send me their messages to Sir Paul. Messages of how much Sir Paul have influenced their lives throughout the years… I was sent over 400 messages from people of 43 countries. And I managed to put them all together and print it in a book from, and give it to him that day… Also, the portrait on the book’s cover was drawn by my Irish artist friend Georgina Flood.

I never thought I’d be able to give it to him. In my wildest dreams, I did of course… but still, was just a dream that didn’t dare to tell because probably no one would have believed me.

A star like him. Who isn’t just a famous musician, but an icon who was one of 4 people that changed music forever, back in the 1960s. The greatest band of all time, The Beatles.

I always knew that he probably receives hundreds of gifts and letters everyday… so if I send him my book, no matter how special it might be, it might get lost in the middle all other fans; gifts.

I’m glad I took it with me and handed it to him, myself. Was such a great moment for me… I held up a sign that said I was from Egypt, it’s my birthday, and I have a gift for you from 400 fans of 43 countries around the world’; he read it out loud in front of everyone! And after a while, security guard came to me, and asked me to come with him since I’ll go on stage to Paul NOW I was shaking and extremely nervous… I couldn’t believe that finally this is happening. I think, writing those words now, I am still in shock and cannot believe any of it… if not for those pictures and people that were there with me, I might have still failed to realize I wasn’t dreaming… Anyway, when I went on stage, he was extremely unbelievably nice and humble. He broke the ice from the very first moment, he was joking around, and he even tried speaking Arabic! And he was so amazed with the book I made. Was the first time somebody makes a book as such for him, and that was something that got me so excited making it, and got him to be so moved and excited about it. That at the end of sound check, he thanked me after thanking the audience! In front of everyone!… I’m still overwhelmed and in awe, did I already mention that?

When I got off stage, it was euphoric… seriously, the feelings are indescribable… I stayed that way, until the concert started… and that was even more euphoric… he rocked for 3 hours without taking not even a one minute break!… and he rocked like no other… seeing a rock legend perform Live is something, and meeting him was another thing… yet both, were highlights of my life… a day that I’ll forever cherish and never forget… Thank you, Paul.

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