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Meeting Beatles in 1967

George with Thia

More stories that I found in the pages of "The Write Thing" November 1977 issue. This is the story of Thia Cash, who is one of the girls who met George, Ringo and John at Kenwood during the summer of 1967. Those photos that keep appearing where John is wearing velvet pants. Well...sadly the story isn't about that visit, but about her visit to Kinfauns that same summer.

My friend, Thia Cash of San Diego, California was meeting Beatles right and left that summe, topping it all off by being invited inside John's home and visiting with him and Ringo and George who were getting ready to leave together for a vacation to Greece. She wrote about one day's visit at George's home for my old "Beatles Rule" newsletter, here are some excerpts. (Written by Barbra Fenrick).

Ringo's chauffeur had offered to drive us from Sunny Heights (Ringo's home) to Kinfauns (George's). I was with my 2 French friends, one being Josette Banato, an 18 year old Parisian who looked extraordinarily like a Body girl. I went up to the door to ring the bell, as the others wouldn't. It really didn't help to see a printed not near the bell warning of certain death to the one who pressed it. It was written in a type of prose. I knocked!

There was no answer but the television was on, so I finally rang. Still nothing. Jennie and Paula Boyd pulled up in the driveway, Jennie smiled at us and waved saying, "you can try the door again now." for some reason we decided just to wait at the gate. We were just about to leave when all of a sudden I saw a lean long-haired figure come form around the back of the house dressed in a screamingly wild combo of colors with rectangle designed trousers and bare feet. The figure casually walked across the grass pretending to be inspecting his cyprus trees near the wall. "My God!" I said to Josette, and I'm certain my eyes must have widened to twice their size, "It's George!" Josette wheeled around in ecstasy, spreading out her arms wide from him. "France, France, I am from France...I am a French girl!" George grinned that grin of his and kept walking towards here, then stopped about 6 feet away hands on hips and said, "and a British boy." "But you are GEORGE HARRISON!" Everyone including George had to laugh. From then on it was easy talking to him.

Josette wanted to know if he spoke any French. "Just a little," he replied. "Say something," she dared him. "Say something," he repeated thinking "Well..." and he went off into a French sentence, like a little boy reciting his lessons for a teacher . Josette nodded when he finished and everyone giggled. I asked what he had said and he really laughed, "Can I have some milk this morning, that's really all I know."

We all were dying ot meet Pattie, and Josette asked him outright. "Can we see Pattie Boyd?" At the time her English translations and accent were delightfully full of mistakes. "Pattie BOYD...Pattie BOYD," George raised his eyebrow and smiled, repeating Pattie's maiden name. "Well, we'll see if Pattie BOYD will come out...just a minute." He left us and went into the house. After about 3 or 4 minutes he returned grinning, and behind him about 4 feet was Pattie. Long flowing blonde hair...bright orange dress (mini) with a gold buckle and also bare feet. She signed autographs smiling all the while.

All in all we had talked to George for about 20 minutes, and I forgot time after Pattie and he were there together. He was always laughing then...
I just hope he'll always be as happy as when I saw them that day.

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