Monday, January 2, 2012

Leslie Samuels in 1969

I have often wondered who exactly heard the Beatles rooftop concert in person. So far I know of: Mal Evans, Chris O'Dell, Yoko Ono, Maureen Starkey, and  Ken Mansfield. Do any of you know of anyone else who was up there? I am sure more people are known, but that is all I could think of off the top of my head. But I did find someone else who heard the concert from down below. And that is someone who is a familiar name on this blog, Leslie Samuels. Leslie is the girl behind the "Lost Girl" tapes who visited all 4 Beatles at their homes in 1967. Halfjapanese from the Bootlegzone located this letter that Leslie wrote in to the Letter section of Beatle Book Monthly. Great find!


  1. Interesting question Sara. I believe Peter Brown was there and obviously Michael Lindsay Hogg and assorted crew members were. It would be interesting to get the complete run down though wouldn't it?

  2. I believe that is Apple staffer Frankie Hart standing in the doorway entrance to the roof - wearing a blue dress, chain belt and brown fur coat. She is there when the Police Constables appear on the roof.

  3. Hi some of my work colleagues from the Royal Society of Chemistry were on the roof top watching the concert and they all remember it really well.