Friday, December 30, 2011

thanks Mo!

This is a newspaper clipping my co-worker has saved from a scrapbook she has had since the 1960's.

This is a photo of the Starkey family taken by Ringo.

Maureen and Ringo in 1968

It is always sad when someone in the Beatles family passes away. So many of the key figures in the Beatles story have seemed to have been taken from us way too soon, and that was very much the case of Ringo's first wife, Maureen, who passed away on this date in 1994. At a time when I know I personally did not have easy access to the Internet, the news was slow to get to me. I actually think I did not hear of her passing until February of 1995. I would have loved to have read a book by Maureen about her life, if she would have written one (I never would have thought Pattie would have done so, but she did!).

I have a hard time choosing a favorite "Beatle girl." I typically say Cyn (most likely because I am a John fan) or maybe Linda (because I love what a strong woman she is) but honestly Maureen in in that mix as well. She was a fan favorite early on and treated many fans who came knocking on her door to meet her famous husband with kindness and respect. So here are a few photos and clippings in memory of Maureen.

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  1. Thank you for writing this about Maureen. She was a fairly quiet Beatle-wife...sure wish there was more written about her during her short life...She was always there for's a sad time that she passes away so very young and you're so right about the Beatles-family getting smaller and smaller all the time...sometimes I look at photos and like there's on Ringo that's alive from the people in the's sad...