Monday, December 12, 2011

Sgt. Buddy's house

When the Beatles were in Miami during their first U.S. visit, the found themselves at the home of their "bodyguard," Sgt. Buddy Dresner. He took them there to have dinner with his wife and Beatle-fan children. Nothing gets on your kids good side than bringing home the Beatles! I am sure Buddy brought that one up on a regular basis. "Get that homework done, kids. Who brought the Beatles home to see you? Yeah....get it done!" While they were there, the lads ate a roast beef dinner (which John later sent the family a thank you note for) and Paul read the children a story. No word about any singing going on, although it wouldn't shock me if they had a piano.


  1. Sgt. Buddy's name is DRESNER, not Bresner. 16 Magazine and various Beatles book authors repeatedly copied eachother's mistake in misspelling his name, but there is plenty to confirm the correct name. Google -Buddy DRESNER Beatles- and find the postcard Paul McCartney addressed to the Dresner family and also a Buddy & The Beatles Facebook page, plus many other Miami based articles, etc...

  2. Thanks for setting the record on his name straight. The unfortunate thing is that once the wrong information is out there and other sources copy it, then it is difficult to figure out what is the truth. I will change my files now to the right last name. Thanks again!

  3. But you still haven't corrected the name to Dresner...