Monday, December 19, 2011

"I wish to meet Paul McCartney"

I think it is great that many young people who are in the "Make a Wish" program seem to chose to meet one of the Beatles (for real) as their wish. It is very sad that they have to be in that program for whatever illness they are battling, so I hope getting their wishes to meet Ringo or Paul in person helps ease their pain at least for a little while. Here is another story of a young man named Blade who wished to meet Paul and had his wish come true in 2010.

16-year old Blade is a typical teenager who enjoys listening to classic rock and his favorite bands are the Beatles and AeroSmith. He also plays numerous instruments including being the lead guitarist in a band called Von Swayzi, along with his father and brother, Dylan. However, what sets Blade apart from other musicians and boys his age is that he has been battling Lymphoma.

In one of the most unique wishes ever, Blade, his father, and brother Dylan were picked up by limousine like true rockstars and made the trek up to Los Angeles for a once in a lifetime experience. Once there, Blade was surprised with a behind the scenes tour of Universal Studios, one of the largest film and television studios in the world. While Blade had a great time, his true wish awaited him the next day when he got to meet the one and only Paul McCartney!

Blade’s story is not only one of great strength but a perfect example of, “Good things come to those who wait.” Due to Paul McCartney’s busy schedule, it is hard for him to grant many wishes, but Blade never lost hope. He decided to write a personal and very inspiring letter to Mr. McCartney, sharing how much his music means to him and how it has helped him find serenity in his battle against Lymphoma. Blade’s letter was so heartfelt and special, Paul McCartney didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet this outstanding young man.

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