Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cavendish 1978

Here is a photograph of Paul and Linda at their Cavendish home. According to the back of the photograph, it was taken November 28, 1978. The photographer was Sheila Holder. I have to assume that this photo was meant for "The Write Thing" because Shelia wrote on the photo (on Linda) "to Barb peace Sheila November 78." What other Barb would be receiving this photograph but the Barb that ran the "The Write Thing?" Plus the back of the photo reads "vol 11 No 5" which makes me think that photo was available for sale or was published in that issue of the fanzine. Nonetheless, it is a good photo!

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  1. I m looking for SHEILA HOLDER as she used to be a very good friend of mine,but we lost contact.Who can help me??
    Thanks a lot Menno from Holland