Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ringo's Timberland boots

Those of us who are true Beatle fans know that Ringo is a talented guy. But I never thought Ringo would design a shoe! However, Ringo has designed what I think looks like a great design on a Timberland boot. The design looks a lot like the Hard Rock Cafe shirts Ringo put out this past summer. We have seen Ringo and Babs wearing that shirt a lot this year. I wonder if we will now be seeing them wearing the matching boots! Anyhow, he has autographed 75 pair of these boots and they are going up for auction on December 1st. The money raised in the auction is going towards a charity called WaterAid, which is a non-profit organization that aids in providing clean water to poor nations.

We have discussed how Ringo no longer give autographs through the mail and has cut way down on giving autographs in person. He says that this is because people get his autograph and then turn around the sell it on ebay. So maybe this is Ringo's idea on how to make the best out of the situation. He figures that his fans are spending money on his autograph on ebay, so why not sign something and have it available on ebay with the money going to a charity instead of the pockets of greedy autograph hunters.

While I know that getting Ringo's autograph in person and meeting him is ideal, I thought I would get this information out to all of you who are wanting his autograph. Who knows....maybe I should bid?

To learn more about Ringo's teaming up with Timberland and Canvas that Cares and WaterAid, click here! (there is also a Ringo video at this link) Thanks to Olivia who contacted me about this. All photographs were used with permission (shocking I know!) courtesy of Timberland.

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