Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kinfauns close-up

I confess that I took this off of Lizzie's facebook. I love it! Totally my favorite fan photo of this month! Look at George's hair! I have read that both George and Pattie wore their hair in this "up" style for a short period of time. George was sometimes even seen with colorful ribbons holding it up! Anyhow...I love the bright colors in this photo. Georgeous! (hehe)


  1. don't worry, sara, i got it from a friend's facebook page too... i have been informed by a friend who is not only a george fan but a yoga teacher and very much into the indian stuff that this is shiva's hairdo, used by men who practice yoga. i remember seeing george with this hairdo around emi studios.

  2. all i can say is great snap. love, a friend.

  3. Hi all, not sure if you've seen this article, but some more great photos at Georges house of George, John and Ringo. Check out the pic of John in the rear view mirror.