Monday, November 21, 2011

John writes back

I located this nice story of a fan by the name of Phyllis Mancz from Ohio who received an autograph back from John Lennon in the late 1970's. I found this story in the Nov/Dec 1981 issue of "the Write Thing." I hope that Phyllis still has her wonderful autographs! I also included a photo from March 29, 1977.

About 1978 or so, I wrote to John at his NYC address to obtain his autograph (I already have all their autographs, thanks to an English pen pal from the middle 1960's, but wanted to get John's on my own, on a special photo). I sent him a 5x7 b/w photo in short pants, holding a cuddly puppy. The note card I used had a Japanese watercolor of cats (John loved cats) on front. In the note I told him how the Beatles had changed my life, etc etc. and asked him to sign the enclosed photo for me. I also suggested I would love a photo/autograph of Yoko, if she was willing. I sent along a SASE, of course.

It didn't take long to receive back the 8x10 envelope from NY. I had other autograph requests at the time, but I felt my heart quicken when my eyes beheld the NYC postmark.

From the envelope, I pulled out the original photo of John beautifully signed in a large hand in green ink! Then I pulled out an 8x10 b/w photo of John with Yoko, which he so kindly added. This was signed by both of them in blue pen. I was very pleased and proud with my booty, but something tickled at my subconsciousness, "This isn't weird enough for John Lennon!" a little voice said. "It's much too tame." So I opened the envelope again and peeked inside. There WAS something else! It was my note card (I had ended by note by thanking him for everything he meant to me) and on the back he had signed in green ink: "Your welcome, John Lennon" (his spelling): I thought delightedly, "Now, that's the John I know!"

I still have all 4 autographs and wouldn't part with them for anything (even for cat food money -- let them become vegetarian like me). John's signatures mean more than ever now that I know I can never get another one from him. He was beautiful. He was love. He is forever.

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