Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inside the walls of Cavendish

It most likely isn't shocking news that those of us who run a Beatles photo blog frequently visit the other Beatles photo blogs and take photos from them often. My two favorite Beatles photo blogs are Tammy's Beatles photo blog and Sean's Kenwood blog. These are by far the two BEST ones online. If you don't frequent them, I beg you to stop hanging out here and go over there. Anyhow...these two shots of Paul and John from 1967 were taken from the Kenwood blog. They aren't the best photos in the word (actually they are blurry), but I love them because they show the INSIDE of Paul's Cavendish Avenue in London home! You almost never see inside of Paul's house! Not sure who took these photos, but I am amazed!!!


  1. dear sara, i found these two photos at a site that sells british beatle stuff. i sent them to tammy to see if he had seen them before, and i also sent them to my friend stuart, who you might remember borrowed my camera outside cavendish ave, while he spent an afternoon interviewing john, with paul, mick jagger and terry doran there. as he was leaving, george arrived. stuart told me he is 99,9% sure he took those too. he also took one of paul with martha on his lap that has been around some blogs. all photos and full story will be in my book.

  2. Yes, I took these shots. And I have them with no blur! I met Lizzie Bravo outside before I went in and she lent me her camera. I was hoping to get both John and Paul in the same shot as they were creating something that was to become a global masterpiece. I was sitting between them so I pushed the chair back and still I couldn't get them both in, so I took one of each of them.
    Thank God for Lizzie!