Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Images of a Woman

This would have to be one of the most valuable pieces of Beatles collectibles. It is the painting, named "Images of a Woman" that all four of the Beatles painted while staying in the Tokyo Hilton while in Japan in 1966. When they were finished with the painting, they all signed it in the middle (where the lamp sat while they were painting). The painted was presented by the Beatles to fan club president Tetsuaburo Shimoyama. The last it was seen was in 2005 in an ebay auction.


  1. Does anyone know which Beatle did which quadrant?

  2. I believe if you look at their names in the center, the corner that particular Beatle painted goes along with their name. John: top left, Paul: top right, George bottom right and Ringo bottom left.

  3. Thanks for the answer! I would have guessed "George" in the upper right, because it looks like the paint job on his Gibson SG in Magical Mystery Tour... and Ringo for the mess on the bottom right, because... well, I dunno. Love your blog; it's a must-check every day.