Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm yours until Niagara Falls

Removed at copyright owners request. Sorry! :(

I didn't even realize that John and Yoko made a visit to Niagara Falls until photos of John and Yoko there started making the rounds online. Here are a couple more taken there in 1969.


  1. Great, haven't seen these before. Thanks for posting.

    I believe film footage of this visit was featured in the Imagine documentary. The other images you linked to from this day are screenshots of that footage.

    If I'm wrong & they're not from Imagine, the footage was either shown in the Plastic Ono Band Classic Albums DVD, the Bed In documentary or on YouTube. I've definitely seen this footage...

  2. Well damn, I wish I'd grabbed the images first now instead of saving them for later.

  3. hi sara I can't believe you there's footage of john and yoko visiting niagara falls in imagine film god song.

  4. well did "copyright owners" send you proof they own these pics?

  5. @Mark: I didn't think these were screen shots. They were from Yoko's files. But she could have made photos from video footage. I am just not familiar with video footage of Niagara Falls.

    @Cara: Send me an email drop me a line.

    @Anonymous: Said owner bought the slides. I don't like getting people upset, so I don't ask a lot of questions. I always fear having this blog shut down so I try not to make waves.

  6. Shame, but there's definitely colour footage out there (as the folk above point out) accompanying the song 'God'.