Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paul's groovy shirt

I really like this shirt. Obviously Paul must have liked it a lot too. He had it in both light blue and peach and wore both shirts a whole heck of a lot during late 1967-early 1968. They need to come back with this style.


  1. dear sara, those were called kaftans, and the other beatles had them too. i don't remember ringo wearing one, but john did and i'm pretty sure george did too - especially since they are from india. but i don't know if they were made for them (as many of their clothes were) or bought in stores. i guess i'm not helping very much here - very vague info! - but i just wanted to let you know the name of the outfit.

  2. I loved seeing him in that shirt

  3. What the heck is the previous post?