Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now you can have you photo with the Beatles!

This is hilarious! Before the "photoshop days" of now, fans could take a school photo and cut out their faces and glue it down to fool everyone into thinking that they had met the Beatles! I actually feel bad for the girl who was really in this photo. Does anyone have a copy without her face removed? Can't you just image the conversation?

"I met the Beatles!"
"No way!"
"Yeah...the photo is going to be in the next issue of Beatles Forever and Ever magazine."
"Hey...I thought you said you met the Beatles. You liar!"
"I did. They cut out my face. That is me! Look! That is my purse,see? And my skirt and jacket. That is me, really!"
"Sure it is....why don't you just cut out your picture and glue it down there...haha!"

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