Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lizzie's vest

I find it sort of interesting that this blog discusses the Beatles clothing as much as it does meeting the Beatles. Not that discussing Beatles clothing is a bad thing, because I actually think it is fun! Here is the vest that Lizzie had made in the 1960's to look like the one that Paul frequently wore. Just for good measure, I threw in a color photograph of Paul wearing the vest. It is really adorable! (I mean the vest, not Paul although Paul isn't bad to look at either!)


  1. Thank you Lizzie and Sara.

    That's one cool piece of clothing. I am awaiting the book Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion. I just think this whole Beatles clothing thing is so interesting.

    Thanks again, Lizzie for being so willing to share. Wish I knew you.


  2. you're very welcome, since. being a beatle fan has always been about sharing for me. if you ever come to rio, it will be a pleasure to meet you! next time i go to london or new york i'll let everyone know in case we can get together.

  3. Not sure if this post is still being watched, but here goes. I am currently making one of these vests myself and I was wondering what material/thread/yarn you used for yours.

    I was thinking about just using double knitting/ 8 ply, but I like the texture of yours and was wondering if that's what you used.

    Thanks so much!