Monday, June 27, 2011

BBM 59

In this (sadly very small) Pat Kinzer photo, you see the George is signing Beatle Book Monthly issue number 59 (June 1968). This issue features a color photo of George from the "Lady Madonna" photo shoot in the centerfold and by the way George is holding the magazine, one can assume that he is signing this photo for Pat and her fan club.

The Beatles Book Monthly seems to have been a very popular item for fans to get signed. You often see photos of a Beatle signing one, and they are frequently up for sale these days on various sites that sell Beatles autographs. Obviously if you were a Beatles fan in the 1960's, then you read Beatles Book Monthly. It was the only Beatles magazine that was sanctioned by the Beatles and was promoted by the fan club. And while it might give a sugar-coated view of the Fab 4 (they didn't want anything negative in their own magazine), you were sure to get the latest Beatles news and exclusive photographs in it. And in a day and age before the Internet, I can only imagine how important the magazine was to fans.


  1. I wish I could get a complete set!

  2. it definitely was, sara! we waited for each issue with great anxiety. i have a complete set and a ton of reissues (as you know), which i plan on selling one day: i am in a serious less is more mode! i heard they have a book with many issues bound together.