Sunday, May 1, 2011

What ever happened to: Diana Vero

I am starting a new feature for "Meet the Beatles....For Real" called "Whatever happened to..." (the title came from a line in the song Free as a Bird). This feature is a "where are they now" of some of our favorite Beatle fans that have been featured in this blog over the years. I am going to try my best to track down some of them and have them answer a few basic questions. So...if you or one of your friends has had a photo with a Beatle on this blog, and you wouldn't mind being a part of the "What ever happened to" section, then please email me!! I think many readers are curious what ever became of some of the fans we have seen in these photos.

The first person in this new feature actually contacted me, and that person is Diana Vero. You may remember that Diana was the 19 year old secretary to Brian Epstein who traveled with the Beatles during their first North American tour in the summer of 1964. In 1965 Diana moved to Los Angeles to work for Derek Taylor. That job did not work out, but she ended up staying in the United States. She currently lives in Texas.

She recalls her time with the Beatles fondly and has a photo of herself with the guys that is better than the ones I have posted. Her children have taken it to school for show and tell and it always impresses their teachers! (I bet!!) In 2o04 Diana spoke at a Beatles convention in Tennessee. The photo of her in the pink jacket is from that convention.


  1. I was a school friend of Diana and always remember reading a story in the Daily Mail ? of her flying round America and acting as Brian Epsteins PA and working in lifts etc. answering the Beatles' fan clubs mail . Someone will have the photo of her which I have somewhere, included with the article. I would love to make contact with her again. Heather Lowndes/nee Knapman

  2. Diana Vero was my father's 2nd cousin, her grandparents were from N.Ireland, her mother was Joan, she married Mr vero they lived in England.

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