Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nothing is real

I recently obtained this really neat color photograph of when the Beatles Yellow Submarine film had it's premiere in London in 1968. It is interesting to mention that this was the last film premiere that all four Beatles attended. There has been a discussion for awhile now about who exactly was Paul's date to this event. He and Jane had broken up and he is seen with Jenny Boyd, but also with a mystery woman with curls in her hair. Anyhow know who this is? Also....any of you out there in Pepperland attend the London opening of Yellow Submarine? It looked like a fun time!


  1. THis is a bit,or a lot, irrelevant but in Monty Pythons Spanish Inquisition sketch(available on DVD),at end they chase across London in a bus passing the same "Beatle premiere" Pavillion cinema ,complete with"Let it Be"display .
    Ringo makes a brief apperance in a later episode,fighting with the "Its" man!!.


  2. i am pretty sure i was there, would have to check my diaries.