Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ed Logan meets the Beatles

A very nice reader of this blog, Oak Kelsey, sent me a link to this photo. The guy who is NOT wearing the BBC jacket is Ed Logan, who was a saxophone player that ended up playing with Elvis on my favorite Elvis song, In the Ghetto as well as playing on many other well-known songs. But here Ed (who passed away in 2000) is posing with The Beatles. Does anyone reading this know the event and the other guys with the Fab 4?


  1. Trumann native Bob Tucker, pictured here between Ringo Starr (left) and George Harrison, toured with the Beatles in 1964. Tucker and the Bill Black Combo of Memphis were one of the opening acts for the Beatles on their United States tour.

  2. Ed Logan is the one on the bottom, left. He was my cousin. - Tim Logan

    1. Ed Logan is on the bottom right.We went to high school together and were room mates while he played with the Bill Black Combo.I almost got to go on the tour.