Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Girl photos in color!

For the past several years, the fan story of Leslie Samuels and Donna Stark, who came to London from the U.S. to meet the Beatles and succeeded, has totally interested me. The only photos from their meeting has always been some dark black and white photos from a fan magazine. And while several of us bloggers have worked to lighten up the photos, they have always been grainy and hard to see. But I have recently found some colored photos from that day, including the one that shows Paul reading a John book (as mentioned on the tapes of the meeting). In the black and white photo, you can't tell what Paul is looking at. And while they are not the best quality, I am very excited about these!

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  1. incredible find, sara! i have that book, "the penguin john lennon". those girls were really lucky! many of us who spent years outside didn't get a chance like that.