Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ringo Starr Sippin' on a Soda Pop

I found this interesting story about someone who met Ringo twice and got his autograph both times at this site about autograph collecting. The photo has nothing to do with the story, really. I just thought since the person who wrote it (Pat from Dallas Texas) titled the story "Ringo Starr sippin' on a Soda" that this photo of The Beatles with Pepsi would be cute to include.

It was 1979, and all four of the Beatles were still alive. McCartney was with Wings, George Harrison was still learning the ways of Krishna, Lennon and Yoko were trying to make their home in New York City, and Ringo Starr had just had a stint of bad luck in releasing albums that were bonafide flops.

I was in Atlanta, Georgia, working at a pharmacy when who but Ringo Starr walks in and orders a soda. I have no idea why he was in town, but I asked him to autograph a brown paper sack (it was all I could conjure up, at the moment.) He happily obliged. I later found out that Ringo Starr doesn't really give out autographs too often. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I'll always treasure his signature.

About 10 years later I moved to Dallas, Texas. I had gone to school and become a real pharmacist, so I was working at a small pharmacy in a suburb called Lewisville. Imagine my utter surprise when in walks... Ringo Starr! This time, I was prepared. I had some pharmacy letter head, and I told him that when I was 19 I was working in a pharmacy in Atlanta and he had signed an autograph for me then. He chuckled, whipped out a pen, and scribbled his name on the pad of paper I was holding. I don't think he thought it was as strange as I did... two pharmacies, two cities, two autographs... but this is Ringo Starr! He's seen much stranger things than this happen.

I have both autographs framed and hanging in my office.

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  1. They look like wax figures in this photo, especially Paul. :)