Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Encounter with Paul McCartney

Here is another story of someone who met Paul McCartney in 1983. Again this was published originally in the Winter 83/84 issue of "the Write Thing." It was written by Sherree Pierce of Lompoc, California. No photos were included so I added a few Michael Jackson / Paul McCartney photos. Say Say Say remains to this day to be one of my favorite videos and it was the first video I recall seeing on Mtv.

Living in a very small today, you wouldn't think of ever seeing any famous person in your area. Lompoc, is a small town that not too many people know about. And about 20 miles from Lompoc, is an even small town called Los Alamos. This is where my dreams came true! I decided to do a little shopping on Oct 5th in Santa Maria. While buying a Lennon-McCartney song book, the salesman told me that Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson were filming a video in Los Alamos at the Union Hotel. I didn't think too much of it, but while driving home, I thought there might be a chance to see Paul, something I've always wanted to do. When I arrived in Los Alamos, by myself, there were a small crowd of people lined up in the street. I parked my car, and went over. We waited for about two hours until Mike Jackson opened the window and waved. I didn't see Paul yet, but I was determined to stay until I did.

Then all of a sudden Paul walked out of the front door. What a trill! He looked so nice, and he was so friendly always smiling and winking at the crowd. He came up to where I was standing and said, "hello" and gave me a wink. I almost melted right then and there. He signed a few autographs and later he met with Linda and Michael to continue filming the video. I stayed for awhile and watched them. Paul's little boy James was there also, what a cutie, he looks just like his dad! Paul looked great and I'll never forget that warm, friendly smile. And the fact that sometimes small towns do have an advantage!

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