Monday, January 31, 2011

Smiling John

Got this today off ebay. I love the smiles I see on John and Yoko's faces.


  1. Dear Sara, that's me in the blue dress and pony tail near John and Yoko. The reason they are smiling is because I had just given them a set of baby booties, gloves and a hat I had knitted for the baby they were expecting. They were all white with white satin ribbons and I wrapped them in cellophane paper so they could see. I have a photo of just before that too. It's in my Facebook photos, if I'm not mistaken. Lovely moment! That's Anthony Fawcett, their assistant at the time right behind them.

  2. Now I remember where I had seen this photo before, Lizzie! On your facebook! Would you mind if I posted the other photo that goes with this one?? That was so sweet of you to knit the baby things but it makes me really sad that they lost the baby and couldn't use them. When I think about the things Yoko has gone through as a mother (the miscarriages and losing Kyoko), my heart breaks for her.

  3. You can use that one and the better copy of this one. One of them was taken by my friend Cathy, I have to figure out which one to tell you. I also knitted a white shawl for Yoko and a bright orange scarf for John, a very long one. I have two photos of him wearing it, they're in my book. Yes, I agree that Yoko has gone through a lot as a mother. Just losing my child like she lost Kyoko would drive me totally insane. I have to get back to my book. 5 more pages before I go to bed... Take care!

  4. Lizzie B
    Stop loooking at blogs we are waiting for the book!!
    (Only joking..but hurry up!)


  5. You're so right, stephenmcg, I should quit the photo blog habit, but it's sooo hard!