Sunday, January 23, 2011

Apple Scruffs stationary

As I learn more about the official Apple Scruffs I am learning just how much they had their act together. They weren't just some girls that hung around the Beatles. Nope nope nope. They weren't "groupies" (never thought they were in the first place, but so many articles label them as such). They were an organized group. They had a magazine, membership cards and see here from a photo that I took directly from the Kenwood blog, their own stationary. I am impressed!


  1. Im confused to say the least-surely the Beatles and Appple are not at 3 Saville Row at time of photo so where are the Apple Scruffs actually being "Apple Scruffs"?
    Is it just name only at that point!


  2. Hi Sara. I still have a card like that and a page of the stationary. I don't know what happened to the rest of the stuff. I think there was a pen. I used to have most, if not all of the magazines, but they were stolen by a guy who posed as head of a fan club here in Rio and I innocently loaned him a ton of stuff to copy (including all my Xmas flexi records). Of course he never returned them.

  3. I would take him to court. Get a lawyer
    dude stole yer junk!

  4. That is one of our plain postcards and someone has put the photo of a dilapidated 3 Savile Row on to it, don't know why! The building was not like that when we were there. Anon A.S.

  5. actually it could also be an A4 size sheet of paper, can't tell what size it is from this! Anon A.S.

  6. It's an A4 size sheet, and a photo, together with the address which have been photo-shopped together. The stationery is just the A4 sheet.