Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another one of Paul in the jacket!

Bless you Gina for all of the wonderful scans you have provided this blog over the past many months. Last night I stated that I had never seen Paul in the white pin-striped jacket that he was wearing in the fan photo with Ringo. Lizzie commented that she remembers him wearing it, but there might not be any other photos of him in it. Well.....dear Gina was sweet enough to send me another photo of Paul wearing the same jacket. I have no idea why I have this strange interest in the Beatles jackets. Mostly because I think the fashions of the 1960's is amazing, and I think all of the various jackets they wore are so much neater than clothing men wear today.. Thanks again to Gina and to Lizzie!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have a jacket that is pretty much identical and I thought I had seen a picture somewhere of Paul wearing it but I could never find it.
    thanks again!

  2. That's a nice one, thanks Gina and Sara! I just realized I took two photos of Paul wearing that jacket. Terrible memory!

  3. Is it not also in SFForever film from that year?


  4. He looks sooooo good!

  5. I can not wait for your book, Lizzie!!