Sunday, December 19, 2010

Everybody's happy....

I have no idea who this guy with the mustache is, but he sure is happy to be photographed with Paul McCartney! I bet this guy is still talking about the day he met Paul!


  1. ....and
    I bet Paul is still happy
    he got Howie Casey
    to play on all of those records
    and at all those Wings concerts ;-)

  2. That´s Howie Casey !
    He played with Wings on all his big tours and played in many Wings albums.
    He was a las from Liverpool and was friend of the Beatles since the early days.
    cheers !

  3. I meant " a lad from liverpool "

  4. Well, i think this is Howie Casey! He is an old friend from the days in Liverpool and he also played with his band the Seniors in the Star Club in Hamburg! with regards, wolfie from northern germany.

  5. That's Howie Casey!!!