Thursday, December 16, 2010

The day before Paul married Linda

I was lucky enough to get the book The Beatles 365 Days for free this week from Paperback If you aren't a member there, I do recommend becoming one because it is an awesome way to trade books and to get Beatles ones for FREE! Now I was already familiar with this book because I had checked it out of the library countless times. Here are photos that were taken on March 11, 1969 just one evening prior to Paul and Linda wedding. In the book is this quote from Carol Bedford: "I could tell just from their faces that they girls would never accept Linda. nor would they ever accept Paul getting married. He was theirs and they were his girls. as long as he was single, there was hope you might be the one... They each felt they were a special part of his life and this was about to end."

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  1. he was with Maggie the day before they got married