Saturday, November 27, 2010

Singing on the step

Here is the 2nd fan photo I have seen of a Beatle singing to a fan that is waiting on the steps at the studio for the Beatles. I have seen a much smaller version of this photo, and it looked like John was yelling at this fan! But after seeing this bigger one and also reading a little about it, I have learned that John was singing to her! If you recall, I have posted a photo that showed a tanned George singing with a guitar to Carol Bedford. Makes you wonder how often the guys came out and sang to people. :) It is a nice thought, isn't it?


  1. That looks like the shirt he used to wear in the Help! era.

  2. In "Waiting for the Beatles"CB, thers a Paul singing from top window of Cav Ave anecdote.

  3. That is my friend Helaine from New York and he is singing "Every time I hear a baby cry" or something similar to that, I have to ask her the details again.

  4. Don't worry Lizzie, I got this one :

    Helaine became a FacePal in the last year, after I'd plucked this very snap from somewhere and gave it the clean-up it deserved.
    Truer colors, less of that infamous "rust-o-vision" too !

    So . . here's a link to that, where you can also scroll thru the comment-thread to find Helaine's juicier then you'd hope for description of that event and what even led up to it.
    I'm so pleased I get to share it some more !!/photo.php?fbid=2065719035078&id=1007827171&set=a.1390579757018.2054609.1007827171&__user=1007827171

  5. Browsed your profile but couldn`t find that photo - would love to read the background story - can you re-supply a working link? Thanks!

  6. "John sang "Everytime I hear a new born baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky" to Helaine who was whinning to him that he was going to be on TV and there was no TV where she was staying!
    Aug. 24, 1968 1:30 AM EMI"

    What a neat story!