Monday, November 29, 2010

Remembering George

9 years ago one of our beloved Beatles. George Harrison lost his battle with throat cancer and left behind a beautiful loving wife and a talented son as well as countless friends and fans. The world found out about his passing on November 30, 2001. In my personal life, it was a very strange time. I had quit my job at a day care to continue my education to become a reading teacher (which is what I do today) on September 12, 2001. However, due to contract, I had to continue my job at the day care until November 30. I found out that George had passed away the morning before I went into work for the last day. I really felt like it was a symbolic thing for me.

It is known that George seemed to have a soft spot in his heart for his fans. He frequently opened the door and chatted with them at Kinfauns. He wrote the song for the Apple Scruffs and even invited them into the studio to hear the song first hand! It really isn't too shocking to know that in my files from the Beatles years, the person I have the most fan photos of is George Harrison. He was a man who valued his privacy, but would stop and talk to fans hanging around his home or studio.

Here are some of my personal fan photos of George. We miss you!!


  1. Love him!!! My favorite Beatle <3 RIP George, we will always love you!!!

  2. I miss him sooooo much! Glad he is not in pain anymore but I wish he NEVER HAD cancer at all -- then he would still be with us! :-( Wonderful photos Sara -- thanks for posting!