Sunday, November 21, 2010

Paul in a striped shirt

Blog reader, Guus, sent this photo of Paul in a striped shirt. He seemed to think it is Paul in his famous blue and white shirt. However, I tend to think it is his red and white shirt that he wore on the 1966 tour. Regardless of which shirt it is, Paul sure liked shirts with stripes!


  1. Who's the girl? Are they snogging?

  2. I believe it's Elaine Mayes from the Ronettes.

  3. It looks like she's putting eye drops in his eyes in the second photo. She's holding something over his face and I highly doubt that they're doing anything like snogging in the middle of a crowded plane with the others and photographers around.

    1. Nobody in the Ronnettes was named Elaine. You maybe are thinking in Stelle Bennett. She was Ronnettes member and for a while Paul´s girlfirend.