Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paul and Linda at #3

All of these photos appear to have been taken at the same time at #3 Saville Row. What has confused me for years is the first two photos. They are obviously the same photo, but does that man with the beard (wasn't he someone's driver?) belong in the photo or not? And why is he in one of the photos and not the other. I guess a photoshop thing (which I don't have and don't know anything about....)


  1. I believe someone "filtered" this person out. When you look at it closely. enlarge it you can see the remains. But is was well done.

  2. Is he not the guy on a couple of pictures on Abbey Road cover day,wearing gloves and sunglasses,as they wait on studio steps?

  3. Awwwn, Linda's so pretty!