Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Julian Lennon

So I bought myself Julian Lennon's book of memoriblia for myself for my birthday. It has a lot of the items I saw in person at the White Feather exhibit in Liverpool. It is still a really neat book and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the history of John Lennon and the Beatles.


  1. Hello Sara, you seem to have a vast knowledge of Beatles books. Do you know of any , other than Julian , that have a collection of Beatles Owned memorabilia? This is a topic that I find extremely fascinating. There must be thousands of things the Beatles once owned but have found their way into collectors hands. If your aware of such a book, please do let me know.
    Thanks, jOjO

  2. PS this topic could make a very good book. Imagine a book packed with pictures and stories of personal items i.e. clothing , jewelry, accessories, costumes, props, business and legal, art. The list goes on and on. Yesterdays garbage is today's gold. I wish I could have been the janitor at Abbey Road between 63 and 70. Oh boy!


  3. Hi Jojo...
    The only book that I have is the one that I bought in 2001 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when they had the John Lennon exhibit there. It has pictures of everything that was on display there.

    I think it would be cool to have a website of photos that fans have taken of Beatles items from the Hard Rock Cafe's around the world. I have several items and I am sure other fans do to. That would be a great book!!!