Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family photograph

This looks like either a photo a fan took of John, Yoko and Sean in Japan in 1979 at a resturant or a photo the family had a waiter take for them. John looks really thin in this photo. I personally liked how he looked when he was eating Whoppers and not all of the rice. was his choice and since I am a fat girl, I am not someone to judge on weight issues anyhow....


  1. Sara, this photo was taken by Nishi F Saimaru in Japan. He was Fred Seaman's predecessor. I don't think he was working for the Lennon's by this point but he may have hooked up with them in Japan, I can't remember.

    It's featured in 'The John Lennon Family Album'. Sadly it's now long out of print, but I'd recommend anyone to track down a used copy. (Although the majority of the pictures from it have been online for ages).

  2. Thanks for the info Mark. I have that book, but I don't recall this photo in it. I will have to go into my library and get it out and look again!

  3. yes mark is right
    this photo is in that book