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The Girls who got to Meet the Beatles (part 2)

Here is the 2nd half of the article from the Winter 65/66 issue of Datebook magazine. This part was written by Cheryl Andrews who was 17 at the time of the article and was from Riddle Oregon.

Portland, Oregon: The time was 5:45 P.M. on August 22, 1965, at Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon, and as Is at in my chair at the press conference to be held for the Beatles, I could hardly believe my good fortune.

My heart hammering loudly, I anxiously stared at the side door through which were sauntering the Beatles! I gasped as I got a good look and the only thing I could think was that they didn't look anything like they were supposed to! From the thousands of pictures taken of them, from television shows, and their two movies I had a mental image of them all neatly formed, and when I viewed them at close-range for the first time, I suddenly discovered they were mortal.

Their clothes were very casual. Ringo was wearing a red and white striped surfer shirt, dark jacket and dark trousers. He is much smaller than I thought and his hair was very long falling over his ears, but it was clean-looking and shiny. His hair is a medium brown color and his eyes are positively huge and beautiful shade of blue. His nose dominates his face, but one doesn't notice it when he smiles.

George wore a dark shirt, jacket and trousers, and I found him not as handsome as he appears in photos. His hair was even longer than Ringo's and was dark, drying-looking, and in terrible condition. His face was thin and haggard.

John was next wearing a blue surfer shirt with white trim, a beautiful golden-brown suede jacket, black trousers, and black boots. I found John to be the most surprising Beatle as far as looks are concerned. His hair is in reality a very light brown and it was long in back and on top but with "sidies" on the sides. His eyes are a light brown, too, and he has the longest eyelashes of the four. He has a virile handsomeness which doesn't show up on photographs, and he has a lovely smile with reveals dimples.

Paul was dressed in a dark shirt, jacket, and tight pants and I discovered that his features are not so delicate in person and that he is even handsomer. His hair is very dark, almost black, and it is shaped so that it falls in layers onto his forehead. His eyes are large and a dark hazel and expressive and his mouth is too small for the rest of his face.

We made an orderly rush for the front of the room and I discovered myself about a foot away form Ringo Starr. As the shock of being so close paralyzed my ability to do anything, but stare, I just stood and looked at the famous little drummer. I then timidly reached out and touched all four of his rings and is ID bracelet and looked to find the idol of millions smiling at me!

"Ringo" I stammered, "Could I shake your hand" He flashed his wonderful smile and as we shook hands he winked at me! I decided that Ringo would always be my second favorite Beatle. I moved down in front of George, forgetting that I was supposed to be taking pictures. "George," I began. "May I please shake your hand?" He smiled suddenly and I decided he was very nice. I then somehow made my way down to John Lennon.

As I stood in front of my favorite Beatle the only thing I could think of was that his contact lenses looked like they hurt him. He smiled and stuck out his hand and without thinking, I rested my right arm on top of his left while we shook hands! "John, " I said, "are your contacts bothering you?" "No," he answered. I got the distinct feeling that not too many people had asked that question. Undaunted I plunged on, "I have them too!" I confided.

He leaned closer and stared searchingly into my eyes. "Are your bothering you?" he said with a straight face. "No." I stammered and then we both laughed. "They're good aren't they?" John said seriously and I could only nod, not trusting my voice. "But your eyes are prettier then mine." John said and to my dismay unwanted tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Hey" John said with a slight laugh. "Don't cry or they'll wash away!" I smiled through my tears as I blurted, "John you're my favorite." He smiled warmly, gave my hand a final shake and said, "You're my favorite."

Reluctantly, I disengaged myself and went onto Paul. As we shook hands, Paul caught his thumb on my class ring. "What's this?" he asked puzzled. "It's my class ring from school." I told him and he remarked that it was very nice.

Somehow I maneuvered myself back down in front of John and I said, "John, I have a friend in New Jersey named Maria who sends you her all her love!" He smiled at me and replied in a nice voice with no hint of sarcasm, "Tell her thank you."

Then the Senior Press Secretary instructed us to sit down. I resumed my chair and began furiously taking pictures as the interviewing began. Here are the questions which were asked.

Q: Paul can I say that you and Jane Asher are engaged?
A: (laughing) sure you can say it! But she's my girlfriend.
Q: John are you writing another book at this time? (I asked this)
A: No, not right at the moment. I am talking to you. (laughter)
Q: George, I read that you and Pattie Boyd are married. Are you?
A: Don't read that rubbish...we're not married right at the moment, but may be in the future.
Q: George are you really designing a "Harrison" guitar"
A: No, that was all the publicity man's idea!
Q: Does the screaming of the fans bother you?
A: (all) No!
Q: Is this your last American tour?
A: (John) No, we'll be back next year, probably
Q: John this is the second year in a row that you've been away form your wife on your anniversary... (laughter from John and, What anniversary?" laughter from everybody)
A: No, we don't observe anniversary's, birthdays, and that--it's all a load of rubbish.
Q: John, what are some of the comments people have made about your new book?
A: (irritably) No one has said it was obscene, if that's what you're getting at!
Q: John, have you called your wife yet?
A: She's in a country where they don't have phones.
Q: Ringo, why did your wife cut her hair?
A: She didn't y'know.
Q: But she did, when I saw her....
A: When were you last over there? (laughter)
Q: John, will your next film be titled A Talent for Loving?
A: No! Because Paul and I won't write for anything with that name!
Q: How long do you fellows expect to stay together?
A: (Paul) As long as it lasts.
Q: How long to you expect it to last?
A: (John) Well, y'know we can't say anything definite. Who knows for sure really. We dont' want it to go forever.
Q: Have you any plans to record any Bob Dylan songs?
A: (John) No, he's got enough money as it is! (Paul) John and I write enough material ourselves.

The press conference was declared at an end and there was just time for one quick last picture as the Beatles were whisked out of the room. It had been a wonderful thirty-five minutes and the most wonderful thing I discovered about them is that they are decidedly human! I still adore and idolize them, but now I genuinely like them just for being so wonderfully natural!

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