Thursday, September 2, 2010


If any of you ever happen to come by my house, make sure that you ask to go into my basement. The reason why is that I have a secret library down there. And it isn't just any library. It is a Beatles library. I have so many Beatles books on shelves that it would blow your mind! I have books written in Japanese and German just because I want the photos (can't read a word!). There have been 100's of books on the Beatles written and I swear I own a majority of them. And I have read almost all of them as well. But then I am a Beatles freak who is also a reading teacher, so what should you expect?

Anyhow I decided to make a list of all the Beatles books I have that were written by fans about their experiences meeting the Beatles. It is easy for me to reproduce a magazine article for you all to read, but not so much an entire book. So here is a list and you can check these books out on your own!

Please let me know if you have a book that isn't on my list that should be.

Waiting for the Beatles by Carol Bedford. Published in 1985.
This book is the story of Beatles fan, Carol Bedford from Texas who travels to London and spends her time waiting to see the Beatles from 1969 to the early 1970's. She is a key member of the Apple Scruffs and has many stories to tell about her time around the Beatles.

All Our Loving by Carolyn Lee Mitchell. Published in 1988.
This book has a variey of stories of girls who saw the Beatle sin concert or met them, but the bulk of the book is about Carolyn and the time she spent in London getting the attention of Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney, London NW8-1967 by Paul Wane
This is a photo book of photographs taken by fans of Paul McCartney at his home in London. There are also a lot of little stories that go along with the photograhs. A Sgt. Pepper's recording book similar to this one has also been published (but alas I don't own it).

Do you want to know a Secret? by Pat Kinzer Mancuso published in 2005
This is the story of the offical George Harrison fan club and how it was formed. Pat met George on two occassions and was friendly with the Harrison family. A very interesting read!

We're Going to see the Beatles! by Garry Berman published in 2008
This book is full of little short stories of fans from the 1960's and what the Beatles meant to them growing up. A lot of stories included are about seeing them in concert and few about meeting them.

A Date with a Beatle by Judith Kristen published in 2009
This is the story of Judith, a George Harrison fan. It is about her adventures in 1964 in trying to meet George. This book is like that movie, I want to hold your hand, coming to life.


  1. Sara, have you a signed copy of
    BEATLES, FIFTY YEARS ADRIFT Written by Derek Taylor? I have been on the look out for this book for years. I'm willing to pay market price if I can only find an auction that offers one. There were a limited number in print. Heck I would just enjoy a paper back copy. As far as I know a paper back copy doesn't even exist! Anyone out there know of a scanned copy that I can read?
    Cheers, jOjO

  2. Hi Jojo...
    I am sorry to say that the Derke Taylor book is one that I do not have. I would LOVE to read it, but as you pointed out, it is VERY expensive because it only came as a rare issue that was autographed. It is one in my "must own" list.

  3. Ve from Ottawa, CanadaSeptember 7, 2010 at 3:40 PM

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