Monday, August 16, 2010

The Black Album

At Beatlefest there is a room that is filled with records from all around the world. This year they had an old vinyl bootleg called "The Black Album" on display (well they may have had it there in years past and I just missed it). With it was the poster that came with the original Black album. It was meant to copy the White Album poster and I think it does a pretty good job. However, one fan snapshot of John Lennon from the Black Album poster caught my eye because I had never seen it before. So here is the black album poster (taken from BZ) and the photo I tried to take and zoom in on John from the poster at Beatlefest.


  1. dear sara, the john photo on the poster was taken by my friend lucy, i have a couple of prints from the original negative. as far as i know, it´s the only photo from the night gayleen and i recorded "across the universe", february 4th, 1968. it will be in my book.

    1. your friend is lucky! i would have love to meet john lennon or have the negatives. they must be worth hundrends to thousands

  2. That is so cool Lizzie! I had no idea when I spotted that photo on the poster that it was from that night. I thought it was from late 1967 to be honest with you. So neat!