Thursday, July 1, 2010

Malcom and John

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  1. emi in the summer... normally, there would be just our gang; when the school holidays were on, people from all over the world came out of the woodwork, and the main difference is that there were many guys! our group consisted of girls only. there were two british guys (i'm still in touch with them), gordon and paul, who came several times. and tommy, my dear american friend, who sadly passed away many years ago. when i lived in nyc (84-94) and there was something going on, tommy would call me and say "beatle alert, beatle alert!" - i'll never forget that. the other thing that was different is that these fans, who had never seen the boys so close, would get over enthusiastic, so the band would rush into the studios as fast as they could to avoid the screaming and pushing - we, the "regulars", certainly didn't like that!