Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Could you keep this secret?

I am so jealous of Nikki Denett. It must have been difficult to have to keep such a big secret! I found this story here.

From the day I heard about this show six months ago, I thought there was a HUGE possibility that Paul would be there. Not only is it Ringo's 70TH birthday (he's the first Beatle to turn 70) but Paul is ON Ringo's new album,and as far as I knew, he wasn't going back on tour until a few days later (not to mention the fact that this is RADIO CITY we're talking about).For me, the reasons for him to be there far outweighed the reasons for him not to, but everyone I talked to told me the same thing: "No"......But it did!!!

About 15 minutes after the All Starr band arrived, my friend Rudy and I (the only two people there) were waiting outside the stage door of Radio City when we get told by a security guard to move to a lamppost near the curb of the street, about 3 feet from the stage door. We happily obliged, and got our camera's and sharpees ready for we knew that something was about to happen. Sure enough, a massive black SUV then proceeded to pull up in front of the stage door. The door flew open and immediately a security guard appeared. At this point, I was 150% sure that Ringo would be the next one coming out. Never in a MILLION years did I think it would be who it turned out to be....PAUL MCCARTNEY.

I can't even describe what this moment was like. For the past year of my life I have wished and wished for an opportunity to meet this man. But, to be perfectly honest, I psyched myself out into thinking he wasn't going to show up, so when I saw him come out I was so shocked that I really didn't have much of a reaction. He walked out carrying what look like a guitar case (most likely the Hofner), and I went into shock, then somehow managed to yell out "Hi Paul!!!". He looked over at me, waved,and then proceeded to go inside.

It was then that I realized what just happened - I grabbed Rudy and kept saying "That was Paul McCartney! That was Paul McCartney!" As happy as I was at seeing him (and having him wave at me) I was a little sad that I didn't even get to talk to him. I was SO close. I thought for sure that there was no way I'd ever have an opportunity like that again. Just when I thought it was over....

I heard somebody calling Rudy and me over. We looked towards a black SUV parked directly outside the stage door. It was the All Starr Band's driver. He called us over to the driver's window, leaned over and whispered "he's coming out soon; he's only going to be in there for 45 minutes." We thanked the driver and immediately became excited again.

We really didn't know what to expect at this point. We didn't even know if Paul would stop for us. We spent the next 45 minutes coming up with various maneuvers that would be helpful in our quest to make him stop for us. Even still, at this point, I was surprised that we were the ONLY two people waiting outside. No paparazzi, no crazy fans, nothing. I started to believe that our chances were undeniably in our favor. But only if it remained the two of us....and it did.

Sure enough, 45 minutes later, we took our original places right outside the stage door and waited. About five minutes later, the door opened and out walked Paul, hands free, blazer slung over his shoulder. He walked out the door, stopped, turns right in front of me and says "Hi, how are you?" as he signed Rudy's vinyl of "Memory Almost Full". Then it was my went something like this...

Me: "Paul I've waited my whole life to meet you"
Paul: "I've waited MY whole life to meet YOU!"

I then asked him for a picture and he happily obliged. He shook our hands (yes, I touched Paul McCartney, people!) We thanked him and he went on walking towards his SUV. I thought he was gone but then, all of a sudden, I hear this:


I looked towards the SUV and saw Paul, head sticking out of the window and all, pointing at ME!

Me: "Me?"

Paul: "Yeah, you! You too (points at Rudy) ... Come over here!"

So we did ... I mean, when Paul McCartney calls you over... you COME over...

So over we came. Then Paul leaned in and said "No one is supposed to know I'm here. This is a surprise for everyone. So, you never got that autograph. You never got that picture. Let's keep this a secret."

So of course we promised to keep it a secret.

Then he waved through the window at us and the people who were now stopped on the street watching. And that was that.

Then it hit me: I just met Paul McCartney, and I have to keep the biggest secret I've EVER kept in my whole life.

So we pulled ourselves together and waited for Ringo. He ended up coming out nearly an hour after Paul had left. He came out and greeted us and we wished him a Happy Birthday to which he replied with his infamous "Peace and Love!" (No autographs obviously, this IS Ringo after all)

It all happened so fast!! I'm still in shock!!!

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