Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beatlefest Chicago 2010

It turns out that I am going to Chicago for my 11th Beatlefest (err...fest for Beatle fans) after all. I will only be able to attend on Friday and Saturday. But I am still super excited. I am especially excited to hear Chris O'Dell speak and Klaus Voorman again.

Just wondering if any readers of this blog will be there as well???

I will try my best to take photos of the fan photos they always have on display and hopefully buy some to scan!


  1. Ommmg I wanna go ! Unfortunately, I live in Canada. Bummer :( Is there any Maureen Starkey items or Beatle-girls related stuff at this kind of fest ?

  2. Oh women of the beatles, I wish you could go. You would really enjoy it. Chris O'Dell is going to be speaking, so there is sure to be some Beatle girl stuff there. And the basement of the hotel is full of Beatles stuff for sale. I like to buy old magazines and books to scan.

    There is also a Beatles museum that has old newspaper articles on display. I typically try to take photos of the photos of things that are different. If I see anything that I think you might like, I will photograph it for sure.

  3. Ahh that would be very nice of you !! God, I'm always on the lookout for some old magazines and some Beatles books. Such a shame that I can't go :( Well have a very nice pleasant time there and I'm sure you'll bring back loads of interesting stuff !

  4. Hi Sara, love your blog and been following for a while now :-) Loved the photo of you with the meditating cutout beatles - any idea where I could buy them, i've been looking for my own cardboard beatle for a while now, sad as that sentence has just made me sound!
    peace & love

  5. Hi beat girl! Thanks for following this blog. It is more fun knowing that other people are looking at what I post. :)

    I am sorry but I don't know where you can get Beatles cut outs. At the Beatle convention you have to pay a few dollars to get your photo taken with them. So they aren't something you can even purchase there.

    You did make me laugh with that last sentence.

  6. Hi Sara,
    I love your blog. I will be attending the Fest as well! It's only my second one. I can't wait!

  7. i have been going to the chicago beatlefest for almost 30 years have not missed one except this year due to losing my job and tickets are getting a little too expensive it's going to be a bummer this year without going sure will miss it hope all you have a good time there i always did. have fun.