Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My trip to London and Liverpool

I had the most amazing time of my life in London and Liverpool. I saw so many Beatles sights that it was just amazing. I got tears in my eyes when I crossed Abbey Road because I just couldn't believe that I was there. I had planned this trip in my mind since I was 13 years old and to be able to actually be there was unbelievable to me.

To all of you who read this blog, I have to say that you MUST do whatever it takes to go on the trip I just took. It is amazing to walk the same steps as the Beatles and to see with you own eyes all of the places that you read about and see in photographs. I wish that I could have scooped you all up and taken each of you with me on this trip because I wish I could have shared my experiences with other true fans of the Fab 4. I want to post a few of the photos that I took. So here is Day 1 of London. I will try not to bore all of you blog readers who come here for the Beatles fan pics and storys. But I am so excited about my trip and want to share it with people who understand.

Day 1 London

We went on the Richard Porter "In my life" tour. My mom liked this tour better than the "Magical Mystery Tour" that we took on Day 2. Here are photos of the highlights.


  1. Wow, great pictures. I'm so happy you got to go and have an awesome experience! rock on

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic time :)
    Im just down the road from Liverpool, it's an amazing city, so Im looking forward to day 2.